Sunday, June 19, 2005

*more schtuff*

Wow! Sorry about the rant fest last post. I was so upset about a few people in my life...and well I guess I had just maxed out my give a damn. (which further illustrates my theory that there is a song for every feeling and situation!)


Saw my Dad last night. Went over to my Aunt & Uncle's house last night for a cookout. My cousins from Dubai (United Arab Emerates) are here for the next two weeks, then my Aunt will be here. My uncle is South African, and my Aunt met him in Florida several years ago. She eventually moved to South Africa and married him, and that is where the children were born. So they are all S.African citizens living in Dubai. They say that something like 75% of the people who are living in Dubai aren't citizens of that country, and that there is not a lot of crime or anything...because they actually deport people (imagine that...a country that will send you back). SO anyways...just a little geography/political lesson for you today. cousins are like 14, 15 and 16. It's so fun to listen to them talk. Very British actually. They are very Americanized though. They holdiay here every year...which is great...since none of us can "holiday" over there ($$). It was so great to see everyone and just hang out and talk (and laugh...a lot). My Dad is actually going to go to Cancun with us in August. It was so funny though...he was like "you have never seen me get smashed drunk on the beach" and I was like "well, YOU have never seen ME get smashed drunk on the beach". So there!!! :)

Following in some other bloggers bouts a little happy list?

* sleeping in (with a cuddly little kitty curled up next to me)
* Old Navy Capris
* freshly pedicured toes (painted melon no less)
* fruit salad on hot Texas days
* Rascall Flatts concert less than a week
* Cancun in two months!!!
* Summer session 1 is almost over.
* my lovely little ipod (packed with the *most* awesome songs evah!)
* the smell of scrapbook stores
* my hair is growing!
* meeting new people (and becoming fast friends)
* a day ahead of me with nothing planned....just some sun, water and friends!!

Have a great day...and don't forget to hug your Dad!!


Emily Kate said...

Love your happy list. And you have an ipod too? Everyone has one! I must have one..... :)

LindsayT said...

I love rascal are going to have a blast in cancun!