Monday, June 20, 2005

*good times*

Today is a great day!!!! I mean it. I have been in such a funk lately (shocking I know). But I feel AWESOME!!!

It's like this definite change in how I *feel*. I noticed it this morning, during class, and again at lunch. Lighter, Relieved, Happier, more Faithful. (and maybe a little cheesier!!!)

*Got WAY more money than I thought for financial aid (money I don't have to pay back...the best kind!!!) I will be able to take all the classes I want (or need) this next year. Too bad I had to wait till I was 24 to start getting REAL financial aid and not just crappy loans that you have to pay on the rest of your life!! Why does the government work this way?
*Megan and I went and got our toes done (yes...again) last night. Mine are this redish pink with daisies on the big toes (and a rhinestone!!!). We are just too cute, let me tell ya!!
*Had lunch with C this afternoon. Awesome as usual.
*Hanging out with C again tonight. Things are good with us right now (they have been kind rocky lately)
*Rascall Flatts on SATURDAY people!!!! Could I be anymore excited???
*Been scrappin LOTS lately. super unusual, as I normally just stare at the pictures, then my supplies, then back to the pictures, and finally decide just to look through an idea book (or all of them). (will post lo's soon!)
*The "big doins" are doin big. There was a scare last week, but feeling more secure and confident about everything now. Big doins never go as fast as you would like though!!
*Got LOADS of mail today... I just love good mail days!! :)
*Seriously becoming addicted to lists. Happy lists, to do lists, class lists, wish lists, crap lists (hahahaha...lots of people on that one!!!)

K back to business!!! Y'all have a great evening!!!


Emily Kate said...

Oh, I'm a little list maker too! Love this list! Puts me in a good mood! :)

Anonymous said...

I want to go to Rascall Flatts!! Whaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Take me too!!!

suburban mom said...

Glad you're in a great mood. :)