Wednesday, April 06, 2005

3 books down 4 to go...

Made my way to the local community college (ahh the old stomping grounds...) because the library is much closer than DBU. We have this fancy thing called "Texshare" and you can bascially check out books at any library in Texas if you are a student. NICE..

So I pick out 4 lovely books....only able to check out 3 of biggie...will have sis check the other out tomorrow on her account...

Must fill out a whole nother set of paper work for the school....time is ticking...

And then my cell starts ringing...the dirty looks I got....

Why is it that my cell doesn't ring ALL day...when I am perfectly in NEED of conversation...but the second I am in a public library and forget to turn it off...4 people call at once??

At least my ring tone is fun!!!

Instead of writing my paper today...I have:

gone to sonic (read this morning's post)
done laundry
cleaned the kitchen (I'm desperate)
became a blogger
painted my nails
decided I didn't like the color and removed said polish
scrapped a little
went to dinner with Mom
finished reading "little white lies" by Gemma Townley

and yet...the research still sits on my bed...waiting to be formed into some glorious paper!!!
where are those little house elves (random harry potter reference of the day) when you need them???


Ashley said...

Oh no! You better get on that paper girlie! You're making ME nervous about it!! hehe Too funny about the cell phone ringing- I bet you did get a lot of dirty looks!