Sunday, July 13, 2008

Too Much...

I have a thing for Coke.
It has a thing for my hips.

So, after YEARS of talking about it....

Diet Coke has weasled it's way into my heart.

It hasn't been easy. I put up a rather large wall, not willing to hand over my love so soon....and yet...for after a mere 8 day (yes, I'm keeping count)....that pesky Diet Coke is really starting to win me over.

As is Sunday night TV.

Too much people. Too much.

Do y'all watch any of these shows?
I'm obsessed with each of these shows...and how fitting that they all come on Sunday nights!...and back to back!!

Since BB just started...I can't really tell who is gonna "work my nerve" (inevitibly...someone will). I give it a week.

Design Star...She who worked my nerve is now gone! I hope Trish wins...

The Next Food Network Star....I still can't decide. I think I like Aaron the best....but Lisa is a Dallas girl.

So anyways...there you have it...a peek at my "exciting" Sunday.


Shannon said...

I made the switch about a year ago and now I can't go back!! No body believes me but I actually like the caffine free dc better. Also, you should try the diet rite cola. It really is good without all the bad stuff! :)

Lauren said...

I have been watching the next food network star and like all of the contestants. I do like Lisa because her recipes are things I would make at home. Do you know what happened to last year's winner?

Jenna said...

GIRL. Nothing makes me happier than to log onto someones blog and see a picture of my best friend, Diet Coke! Glad you converted. I speak on behalf of Diet Coke lovers everywhere...Welcome!! :)

Aimee said...

Thanks for visiting my little blog and leaving a comment! I'm also watching FN Star & Design Star and agree with your winner picks! Cute blog! :)