Sunday, June 15, 2008

hi tricia. your boring.

I really am. No excuses either.

My Grandparents were in town this weekend...had lots of fun visiting with them. And...we went out to eat last night with my Dad and lil brother (and my Dad's girlfriend and her daughter). We had way too full...and then came home and went to bed.

I was out the door (sweating) for church this morning...and my car wouldn't start. I just got the battery in December (when I was stranded at Target in the rain). SO thankful for the warranty...walked away with a free battery!!!

It is SO hot here. So close to might have even happened today. SOOOO hot. Not good to wear black capris and black sweater to church. Note to self.

Even the cat is finding a cool place to sleep (in the shade).

He's so sweet looking when he is asleep.

Dalton and I met my Grandparents for lunch the other day. He had to ride with nana (like nay-nay)...which is we could "jam out".

A little air guitar....

So that's it. My exciting life.

I do have a lot of fun things on the horizon. If I could ever pull myself away from the I have been reading A TON. Love Jennifer Weiner...reading ALL her books in the past few weeks. to "work".


Amanda L. said...

It's hot here too....stay cool!!