Friday, June 20, 2008

busy girl

this has been such a busy week.
i can't even believe that it is friday night!

went out to waxahacie earlier in the week to shop. it POURED while i was there. a little scary.
but...i managed alright (it helped that i had a gift certificate! LOL).

did a little clothes shopping. talked with a recruiter (fingers crossed!!).


i joined a new gym!!! i am SO excited.

i quit my old gym membership a couple of months ago. it was kinda far from the house and there was never any parking. but...about a year ago a new gym opened RIGHT around the corner from my i finally bit the bullet and joined.

i had my first workout this morning, and i'm "supposed" to work out with a trainer on monday. we'll see.

got a pretty mellow weekend in store..and i'm really looking forward to doing nothing! (am i getting old or what?).