Monday, January 14, 2008

How bout them boys? :(

Hey Hey Hey.

So, a little tiny depression has washed over Dallas today. They said something lke 52% of the televisions in the area were watching the game yesterday. Too bad it turned out the way it did. Maybe next year? We actually started the game at my Aunt's house with some yummie nachos and Texas cheese fries. We finished the game at my house...and Charlie was so disgusted by the end of the game. LOL. Charlie is the most even tempered chill guy I have ever to see him so distraught was funny.

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In other (way more exciting) news.....Charlie and I have officially began looking for our first home!!! I am having so much fun looking at houses...which we have done with our realtor for the past two Fridays. We initially thought we would build, but we found that a lot of communities are not reaching completion. We knew we didn't want to end up in that situation (driving down the value of the home).

The very first house we looked at with our realtor is the one we are most interested in (so many people have said this was the case for them too). It's a really cute little house...needs some updating...but that actually excites us more than turns us away (we are total fixer-uppers). Anyways...we should make a decision here in the next few days or so as to whether we will continue looking or move forward with this one!

Please note: one of the first things that we would change is the front yard landscaping. So not down with the round shrubs. LOL But, we love the dark brick color, and the floor plan is sooo cute. And, the street name is really cute too (who knew this would be important?). It's not the corner lot (which is something we both really wanted) but it is the one next to that is kind of nice. The backyard is really big for being a neighborhood home (it's like 4 times bigger than my current backyard). And the current owners installed this really cool brick porch extension. We totally love that for the entertaining possibilities!

Oh, and of course....the wedding. I have just completely been slacking in the planning department. Well...Kenda (Charlie's cousin who is also getting married) and I went to the bridal show....and got so many ideas!!! I am changing up my whole idea from the country club to an outdoor reception. C's sister lives on some acreage...and we are thinking about renting some party tents....and just having a big fun get together...which is way more our speed than the formal thing I was envisioning.

I'm re-obsessed with (thanks to Kenda) and finding all kinds of adorable ideas! Look at this....perfect for our fall wedding!

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I really need to get moving on planning. 2008 was supposed to be my year to break free from procrastination....but I seem to keep putting it off. LOL

Of course I do.



Christie said...

Love, love, love the house! Can I be your neighbor, houses are too expensive here. Love the apple place holders too, cute, cute, cute! Sounds like everything is fab in your world! Great way to initiate the new year!

Jennifer said...

I dig those apple placecard holders!

You are SO right to not buy "new" - I learned that one the hard way with the 10% loss on my old (newly built) house. Never again!