Thursday, April 12, 2007

new & improved least a little bit updated.
i love to play with updating the blog.
if only i shared the same enthusiasm for business ethics or chem.
speaking of chemistry...we had an exam tonight, which i was super stressed about.
then i had to stay over and work on a lab i missed.
which means my test was graded...and i got a 100!
love it.

my sister (megan) turned 21 on tuesday.
i can't hardly believe it.
or how old it makes me feel.
at least my brother is only 10.
of course every year he gets older is another year i've been out of high school (as he was born feb. of my senior year).

i have spent numerous hours on etsy.
someone should have told me it would be addictive.
if only i had some money!
but the "window shopping" is fun for now.

got my cap & gown.
got my announcements, and the goodies for my invitations.
picked out my "theme" of pink black and white (of course).

looking forward to some major things happening in the next few months.
but also really just wanting things to slow down, so that i can appreciate them more.

reading baby proof by emily giffin. i adore it so far. i've read both of her previous books, and they are just as good. it's a little chick lit-ish....but not so much really.

off to finish up some random to-do's before going to bed before 1 am (which is my usual bed time) thank you very much. of course...this is not something i will actually complete...but its nice to think so.


EK said...

I just sent out my grad announcements. :) And already received a check in the mail from J's grandma! Sweeeet! I should graduate every year!!! :)