Tuesday, August 22, 2006

hey you guys

i'm still here.
burried in a mound of books.
remember when the first week was introductions?
what happened?

so, obviously...i have homework.
i vow to keep up.
and stay that way.
no last minute late night panic situations
come december.

got burnt last week.
which is kinda sexy.
or not.

big doins.
very excited.
must share...

c & i looking at homes.
first we wanted a fixer upper.
then we wanted to build.
now we want to buy land.
then build next year.
when i'm making the big bucks.
or...when i have a normal paycheck.

found dream property this weekend.
by my parents house.
1 acre lake (joe pool) view.
this particular lot is more than i want to spend on a house.
but there are are new lots much, much cheaper.
like 1/4 the price.
we'll see.

looked at rings the other day.
he wanted to make sure he knew what i liked.
he did.

big brother 6 calling my name.
i'll leave you with some photos.

entrance to community.

this is my dream acre. gated community at the
top of a big hill.

this is actually the view of the community/hill
from a neighboring newer community.
please note the lack of green in these pictures.
apparently there is something called rain that
makes things green.