Sunday, July 16, 2006

lookie lookie :)

the gerber daisies in the bellagio.
gerbers are my fave.
they are happy flowers :)

the glass in the bellagio.
it's beyond amazing.
part of me wanted to just lay in the lobby and stare up at it.
kinda mesmerizing.

the hotel we stayed at. the aladdin.
opened a couple of years ago (the new one).
did you know that priscella and elvis got married in the old aladdin?
i did.
did you know that planet hollywood bought this hotel,
and they were working on it the entire time we were there?
i did.
did you know there is a rainstorm every thirty minutes in the mall at this hotel?
i did.

FAO Schwarz at ceasars palace.
i love toy stores.
in case you didn't know.
it's true.
and this huge rocking horse in the front of the 3 story toy kingdom is really cute.

the view from my aunt & uncles room.
kinda cool.
sans the rope on the left side
our room...not the best view
well, in case you like parking garages.

lots more pictures.
but i'm not sharing yet :)
cause blogger is s-l-o-w
and i'm using them for some lil projects

You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created
-Albert Einstein


EK said...

I have a picture exactly like that of the glass in the Bellagio! :) Isn't Vegas a blast? I don't even drink or gamble and we love Vegas! Esp. the Bellagio!

nadine said...

great pictures tricia! i think everyone that's been to the bellagio has a picture like that! :)