Thursday, July 13, 2006

i'm home :)

unpacked finally.
super tired.
i had tons of fun.
vegas = good times.
especially when you win $100 when you are literally checking out.

missed the D-man bunches and bunches.
lots of kissies and hugs to be had last night and today.

i'll be sharing pics soon.

in other news:
well, nothing much.
lots of things going on around the house and school/work front.
but nothing overly exciting.

miss scrappin.
need to catch up.

totally taking an elsie class in about a month.
how cool am i?

must share this link from tara's blog:
hoyt video
tara said she bawled.
and i so started crying within about a second.
1-the song. i cry everytime i hear it. and i have the cd.
2-the video. amazingly beautiful. so touching. watch it.

top 5 for today:
1-lost weight on vacation.
2-C is still on vacation...which means i have seen him everyday for nearly a week.
3-wore my new Brighton bracelet (so cute!...need to share pics)
4-sleeping in my own bed/ and showering in my own shower...ahhh
5-having spent a couple of days with my boyfriend, grandparents and other family members is something i look forward to cherishing the rest of my life :)