Wednesday, July 05, 2006


i'm here.
swamped by homework.
wishin i wasn't a procrastinator.
bout to take a couple of science quizzes (fun!).
going to work out afterwards.
got new clothes last night (thank babe!).
excited for vegas (sunday!).
scrappin some.
have watched tons of friends episodes lately.
want to cut my hair.
finally finished my speech outline.
ate yummie brownies...for lunch. (LOL).
lookin forward to big brother 7 tomorrow night.
gonna get my toes done on sat.
get paid friday.
started my weight loss album.
gonna enter the ki memories contest.
and maybe mmm.
not sure.
don't dig rejection.
should really take those quizzes.
peace y'all.


Chris-el-da said...

good luck with the quizzes and the entries!
weight loss.
i should do that too
maybe if i did something i wouldn't constantly be saying "i am tired of being a fat heiffer!"

EK said...

I'm totally wanting to cut my hair too. In fact, I have an appointment on Thursday!