Friday, June 09, 2006

lil layout love, lil rambling action

been a scrappin machine lately!
there are more...but lets not overwork the upload system..right?
couple of dt apps, couple of calls, couple more dt opportunities.
i've really decided to submit my stuff a bit more.
i usually just do hof, then kind of lay low all year.
but i figure...why not!!!???

in other news....
new song action. my new fave song.
for now. it's a position that is always changing.

i've found that the best incentive to stick with your diet/exercise to video tape yourself giving a speech. it's not pretty folks.

i leave for vegas in one month. one month!!!

we are going out of town on trip to my grandparents...Dalton's Christening at their church.

i am finally rocking a decent tan. finally.

i need to quit drinking sodas. i think about it everyday. usually while i am drinking a coke.

the mavs won. :)

the newscast or pregame show was remarking about the "heat wave" dallas was having this past week...with 100 degree temps. i'm's called summer in texas. no heat wave about it. it's how we do things here.

k, off to watch some tv. do some homework. scrapbook a little. and maybe do some pilates before bed.

don't be jealous.


Tina said...

What super cute layouts! Love them :)

Amy W. said...

Fabulous layouts! :>