Friday, March 24, 2006

Darn Fridays!

I look forward to Fridays all week.
I have such big plans for Fridays.
You know:
working out
cuddling, playing with, and spoiling Dalton.

But Friday night is here and all I have managed to do today is the last thing on the list :) Oh well...that's the best thing anyways.

*Finally booked and paid for Las Vegas. I am finally going!! C and I have talked about going since we first started dating. So excited we are actually going (July 9th baby!!!) My whole family is going (sans Megan and Dalton...but she's only 20 anyways!).

*Watching the D-man while Megan works tomorrow. Excited!!! We are working the stroller big time. I'm thinking mall, tar-jay and the shoppes at brownestone village .

*Did I mention that my Dad is engaged to the woman I met a couple of weeks ago (remember that post?). Yep. They got engaged on Feb. 14th....and I found out the night I met her.

*Talked to my best friend this week. We hardly ever talk anymore. I that she lives in Austin...and works a "real" job. Why can't she refuse to grow up like me?? LOL

*Don't think I ever posted about this (and I'm too lazy to go and check)...but a couple of weeks ago C and I went and saw third day and the david crowder band in concert. Can I just tell you that it was seriously one of the best shows I've ever been too? totally was. I'm talking fabulous folks. So uplifting and inspiring. I love being surrounded by people praising the Lord. Good stuff.

*I haven't scrapped in forever!!! I have lost my mojo and have resorted to hoarding all the new yummie papers instead. I went to Recollections last night and got some more basic grey Oh baby! boy for D-man. It's really getting out of hand though. I MUST SCRAP SOON!!!

K, enough of me! :)

Be blessed!


Emily Kate said...

Sounds like lots of fun stuff!!! :)

Michelle W. said...

wow. Loving your post. So much going on. Good luck on finding your scrap mojo!!!