Tuesday, March 28, 2006


So you want to know what I did this morning?
Well, let me share!
I woke up to a lovely note on my car...apologizing for the huge dent and scratched paint. K, well actually it's not that huge...but any dent not caused by me on my car...is big :) The girl staying with my neighbors this week got up super early this morning for a job interview (she lives in Kansas and is trying to relocate to Dallas) and backs right into my car. I feel kinda bad for her...what a crappy thing to go through right before an interview!
Anyways...went and got some estimates....not too bad...well about $600. She would rather just pay cash...so I guess sometime in the next week or so I will be without my lil stang for a couple of days! How sad!!!
But...how impressed am I that she left a note?

Oh...and for some more great (insert smirk here) news...Dalton's "daddy" (insert another smirk here) is apparently moving back home..he has been in AZ pursuing a football career (puhleeese!). He called Megan on Friday night demanding she bring Dalton over Saturday. When she told him no (because he was staying with me) he said "oh, i see it's gonna be...see you in court". Nice. what a class act. This coming from the "man" (smirk) that has seen his son 4 times in his life (6 months). I'm so over him. I love my nephew to freakin pieces...but my sister's choice in men is HORRIBLE. He is the biggest loser. But, she totally sees that now...I just hope she remembers it down the road. So, now we are having to do the whole legal thing. Just sucks.

OH...and for more good news....I think my graduation is getting pushed back to next May. Don't even ask. Why did I get out of bed this morning? LOL

Later Taterz!