Monday, February 20, 2006

Hey Y'all!

My life is terribly boring.
Maybe that is why I never blog.
I love reading about everyone else's fascinating lives though.
My skin is soooo dry these days. It's finally winter in Dallas.
There was actually a delay at school today because of ice!
Hard to believe since it was 83 last week.
It's crazy when you see people in shorts one day...and full blown parka's the next. LOL gotta love it.
So...not much else going on.
My cousin is getting ready to go to London...and he is only 15!!! I'm soooo jealous! Charlie says he will take me when (if I ever) graduate. Can't wait.
Made my famous soup for dinner tonight:
1 can corn
1 can diced tom.
1 can pinto beans
1 can ranch style beans (if you can't buy ranch style beans where you are...i.e. you are out of texas..just do another can of pinto with half a packet of ranch dressing mix)

Dump all this in a pot...and heat to boil...then turn down heat and serve.
I always top with a little bit of chedder cheese.

It's super easy...and tastes really really good.
If you like meat....add taco meat. But...I'm not big on red I make it without...and whole family loves it!!! It's really good the next day too! to watch the bachelor (yep I'm lame!)


EK said...

Mm that soup sounds yummy!