Wednesday, February 22, 2006

carney man

Title of this post is from my new favorite (re-visted) song of the day. I was playing around on
myspace and found the song. It's crazy...cause I have like 3 cd's with the song on it...but hadn't heard it in forever. Which...reminds me...I totally need to see Cross Canadian live SOON.

In other news...
Family:My Great Grandmother passed away last night. We knew it was's just really sad...the situation surrounding it. Say a lil prayer for her...and my Grandmother (her daughter).

School: Totally made a 101 on my Algebra test. Thank you very much. Plus, I finally got my two books for photography class. FINALLY...(never again walmart...never again). OH...and I have Spanish tonight...CARAMBA! LOL Charlie is taking this class with me...and we both suck...BAD. You'd think living in Texas in and all....

Scrapbooking: Ok, so maybe I will not be entering Chatterbox MIM contest. I have my book all layed out. I just don't have time to do it. I'm such a lazy lazy girl! But...I did progress in the super cool Cheryl's lil Scrapbook Survivor contest. Thank you rock!!!

Fitness/Diet: Haven't been to WW in FOREVER...I hate night classes. I am planning on going Friday morning though. I'm hoping to break the five pound mark. Slow and steady wins the race right? Speaking of races...thinking about running (lol!!!) the White Rock Lake Rock n Roll Race. Now...please control the wont be able to finish my post for the tears in your eyes. But seriously...It's right before my birthday...and I need a push.

Weird: I'm supposed to have dinner with my Dad and his girlfriend tomorrow night. This after I already told hime (the night of the Aerosmith concert) that I felt weird about meeting her. But..they have been dating for like 2 months. I guess I can only be incredibly selfish and baby-like for so long. Is it weird that I absolutely do not feel comfortable meeting her? It's so weird to see your parents date.

Anyways...I'm sure I should get some award for the longest post...with the most links...ever.....
Peace out!


nadine said...

good luck meeting your dad's girlfriend!

Emily Kate said...

Sorry to hear about your loss!!

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

I'm sorry to hear about your great grandma :(

I can't e-mail you at all, which is so weird! If you still want to swap maybe I can just print out the photo and mail it to you and you can do the same for me? Maybe try e-mailing me and seeing if that works.