Tuesday, September 13, 2005

*woot woot*

So, over the weekend C and I kept talking about how much we have changed in the last five years. Basically, the majority of the changes have happened in our pants size. I can't believe how much weight I have gained since I met Charlie. We joked about how all we do is talk about how in shape we are going to get, how we are going to start using our gym membership, how we are running a 10k in Feb., etc,etc.

I'm so frustrated with how I look,feel, etc. I am always tired, and I just feel out of place in the sea of skinny-minnies at school. I am the world's best fitness/diet starter. Then somewhere it all just fizzles out. I'm desperately trying to just stay motivated, ya know? Anyways, since it was cool here last night (about 92 degrees...lol) we decided to go the park and walk. We were like sooo laughing at how after 1 mile we thought we might die. BUT...we ended up going around a one more lap....2 MILES!!! Which, is what I do when I do the treadmill, but for some reason it is so much more difficult on a trail then at the gym. So proud of us. That's the goal for tonight too!

I had started a weight loss scrapbook album, and then just put it aside when I quit really "trying" to lose weight. Pulled it out this morning...plan on working on it this weekend at the crop.

go tricia!! go tricia!! :)


nadine jenine said...

good luck losing weight tricia! i need to do the same thing!

Jess said...

way to go! for me, starting is the hardest part - i'm sooooo lazy! i was planning on starting to run again today, but it's pouring rain - so, likely, i'll put it off!