Thursday, September 08, 2005

hi y'all!

Mr. Randy Rogers. aka Mr. Quickly Moving in on Jason Boland's Spot in Tricia's Heart.
I, much like most other girls, have a thing for men who can play the guitar, and sing.
And, this man can do both. His voice is so effin awesome-tabulous. I seriously could listen to it all day...and I pretty much do.

Saw him Friday night at his cd-relase party at Billy Bob's. Best show in a LONG LONG time. I love that Billy Bob's has really steered away from mainstream country (not that there is anything wrong with it... just not my thang) and really supported local bands. Because...they ROCK the house!!! And I'm sure that beer sales are at least triple!!!

So that was Sat. night. Miss Jenn went with us. Had a good time.

Have I talked about school? Went back a couple of weeks ago. Already over it. In the last two weeks I have been more shocked at the way people act at my school than ever before. I don't know what it is. But, I'm not happy about it, considering it is supposed to be this warm inviting place. But, whatever. Maybe it will get better. Maybe it wont. I honestly don't care anymore.

Off to work out. Fun.