Monday, September 26, 2005

i'm here

I have been so swamped with school y'all. Two group projects, a test, a quiz, an original design in adobe illustrator (which of course I don't own at multiple trips to the school were required ...ugh). Anyways...I'm at the school tonight...studying for a quiz tomorrow...hoping for the best.

Still waiting on baby Dalton. My sister is soooo ready!!! If all else fails (i.e. going at it naturally) she will "put" into labor next cool is that? In one week...I will officially be an aunt. I know I have said this multiple times...still trying to grasp the reality of it.

My scanner broke. I have oodles of layouts to share from my weekend getaway at the scrapbook retreat...which was a blast by the way. SO much fun! We watched movies the WHOLE name a few: Sweet Home Alabama, Spanglish, The Wedding Date, The Pirate Movie, Flashdance, Maid in Manhattan, The Wedding Planner (JLo overload...) fun with the girls...

so hows that for some random rambling?


ryder said...

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