Thursday, September 15, 2005

bubble gum and bad digital prints

So, I have a new obsession with bubble gum. Any kind, though grape is my favorite. Remember when you were little and you could take like a dollar to the corner store and get a bazillion pieces of bubble gum? Awww..those were the days.

I am going out of town tomorrow. I am going to big ole Mabank, Texas. We are talking the big time now folks. I believe there are around, or less than 1000 people in town. eek! Doing the whole weekend crop at a bed & breakfast thing. Super excited to get some scrappin done. I feel like I never scrap creative juices what so ever. BUM! So..hopefully I will be uber creative this weekend....will show the goodies when I get back.

Speaking of croppin, went to print some photos this morning. YUCK. I don't know if it was the machine at the store...or my lack of ability in taking photos. Does anyone have this issue with your digital camera? I have a Canon a75. Any hints? the way...Megan is going to the dr. weekly now (she is due two weeks from next Monday). She hasn't dialated at all. She has officially gained 20lbs. She is officially ready to have him. is always over 90 (and usually over 95) here daily. eww! I am officially ready to let the spoiling begin. I can not wait to see him. He is going to be gorgeous...I just know. I just know!


Klala said...

My fave gum is cotton candy...I swear I could live on that stuff. so good.

Amber said...

dude. i still shove as many pieces of bubble gum in my mouth as possible. LOL then i only chew it till the strong sugar flavor is gone..then i spit it out...i'm such a kid. :o)

Chris-el-da said...

i love gum. always have gum. love bubble yum. anything bubble yum. and what ever happened to that Big League gum???

so glad to hear your sister is almost done.

i hated the last stretch of pregnancy... wait, i hated ALL of it. and he will be gorgeous because he's life. that's what it is - not mommy goggles - not anything else... it's LIFE! and it's beautiful. give that baby an extra kiss for me when he gets here!

Emily Kate said...

This is completely unrelated to your post, but is related to your comment on my blog: If you like TCU, I don't know if we can be friends!! ;)