Friday, July 22, 2005

Tonights Babble

Is it me, or has my closet shrunk? It's a death trap. I've taken to just piling my clothes on the chair.

So, when did I get this lazy? When did I just decide the chair was a sufficient place for my clothes? Perhaps it's because I live in a broiler (Texas in the summer is not a fun place to be). And because I am both poor, and lacking in appropriate attire (see below). A select few pieces are in heavy rotation.

Tommorrow I will open the door, and began the purge. I will get frustrated, yes. I will swear that this will never happen again (more than once). And then I will laugh at the pieces of clothing that I am saving in hopes of them one day fitting again. Now, they might fit one day, but am I really going to wear the hunter green suede like pants this winter? Really? I'm thinkin no.

In other news, today was the first day of "operation boot camp". I will go into this further if it is working in two weeks later...but it actually wasn't that bad today. I had a list of things expected of me. I did most of them. Slacked a bit on the morning workout. So, I'm sure I will pay for it tomorrow. I have decided though...that I'm the type of person who needs to be accountable, and I need a routine. Don't just "allow" me to do as I please...because I will be all over the map. Hopefully, this will be the ticket. We shall see.

Gonna scrap some tonight. NO distractions, no homework, no boyfriend (well, not around here anyways).


Alexandra Wieckowski said...

I too need to purge my closet, I just hate giving it up...cuz I might wear it someday. Hope you're scrapping went well, you should post your layout :)