Thursday, May 26, 2005

*heLLo wOrld*

I am so excited!!!

* my brothers baseball team took 1st place last night
* i actually like the sugar free cherry sno cones!!
* over vacay (when I just knew I blew WW) I lost 8.8 lbs!!!!
* 3 day weekend for most of my friends and family!!!
* house sitting for my aunt & uncle (they have an uber nice home & pool!!)
* finally get to talk to erika & jeff (and maybe see there new digs)
* parade of homes in mckinney (I so love looking at million dollar homes!)
* the search continues this Sunday for a new church (haven't been home for the past 3 Sundays)
* my aunt and uncle (and cute lil cousins) will be here from dubai (united arab emirates) in less than a month now!!!
* it isn't in the 90's today (thank you thank you thank you)
* barbeque on Monday
* spanish textbook was less than I thought
* have a free coupon for schlotsky's (funny name..serious sanwhich) :)
* started tanning longer resemble a ghost
* we have finally decided on a weekend to fly (yes more driving!!!) to Mrytle Beach
* skirt was baggy this morning!!!!!

Well...I am off to enjoy the beautiful day...and make a trip to barnes & noble :)
Have an AWESOME day!!!


Emily Kate said...

8.8 lbs? Go you!