Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hair Today.....!!! I am officially no longer...Tricia...the one with really long hair.
As of yesterday ... I am 12'' shorter. I had just had enough...and decided Thursday's got to go. I got tons of compliments on my hair...but I just didn't enjoy it. I know that some little girl (prob. two of them...I have A LOT of hair) will enjoy it WAY more than me. And that, my worth all the mornings I was in tears trying to manage it. I am super cute (LOL) with my new do. It is so short. It's a "swing" cut. Shorter in the back...longer in the front (which is chin length). Now... I can actually blow dry it straight...and kind of flip it out or under or whatever. Do I dare say...Sassy?

Pictures coming soon :)


Amber said...

did you donate your hair to locks of love?
i cannot wait to see pics girl!!

LindsayT said...

Hey Tricia,
I just came across your blog today!!! I can't wait to see pics of your hair!!!!

Emily Kate said...

What a great thing for you to do!! Can't wait to see pictures!

Jess said...

what a great thing to do!