Friday, December 14, 2007


To pieces with blogger and/or my computer. Apparently...adding any extra tidbits to the design shuts my internet explorer down. UGH!

Anyway. I am just starting to panic about the Christmas shopping. We were supposed to get a majority of it knocked out tonight and tomorrow...and finish up Sunday in between Church and the game.

Well...I was working from home today...and decided to leave the house for a quick run to target to pick up some ww dinners (because I'm desperately trying to ix-nay on the fast food). And...guess who's battery died? In the cold rain no less? And guess who's fiance would not answer the phone? Yeah...I know! Thankfully, my step-dad was right around the corner and was able to get up there pretty quick! And, thankfully...nobody was parked in front of I only had to stand "guard" of the spot for about 5 mins. Which, in case you are wondering, is plenty of time to get completley soaked (who needs an umbrella when you are just running in for lunch?).

So...the shopping thing didn't so much pan out tonight. I was tired and cranky...and cold (to the bone!). So we ran to Hobby Lobby and Chipotle and called it good.

Of course...tomorrow we will have to act like a bunch of banshee's to get it all finished. :)

Charlie's cousin, who is also my sweet friend Kenda, just got engaged last week. So now we are both planning fall weddings. This will be so much fun! I'm sure Charlie's sister (our photographer) is sweating the extra work.

We have decided to do London and Ireland for our honeymoon. Mexico is so close to home, and we figure we can go anytime ( know what I mean). But...Europe is more special, and something we both really want to do. Of course, we have talked in far more detail about the honeymoon than we have the wedding.

Go figure.