Monday, September 10, 2007

Rainy Monday

It is raining like mad here today. Beyond the interference it plays in my driving (I'm such a chicken in the storms) I love the overcast, bleary weather. I feel most creative on days like today. Too bad that beyond a few fun things for work, I will just be studying most of the day.

Speaking of studying. WOW. Lots of that going on. Check out my books for the semster. All this for 2 classes. Of course the Bible is a given, as well as the notebook-which I kind of spruced up after seeing nora's blog.

Basically taking the same class in two different formats. They are both the History of Western strictly history based-the other arts based. They are 2 of the 3 required courses for the MLA program. I hope to take the third in the spring (maybe) and then spend the next year delving into all the fun English classes. It's crazy to think that in the next 2 years I could be qualified to teach undergrad English classes. I'm SOOO excited.

Wedding planning coming along. Will have to share more of that soon.