Friday, September 21, 2007

It's Me

Not sure what's up with the ring on the wrong hand thing. I guess it has something to do with photobooth on the mac. I assure y'all I know what hand to wear it on. LOL

Remember when I used to blog actual posts? Remember when people used to read the blog and actually comment. Maybe I used to be interesting?

Nonetheless...I enjoy reading my old's weird to have so much of the last few years documented all nice and neat here. I like it.

This coming from the girl who never kept a journal.

I've had a rough week. Death is not easy-especially when it is someone you never imagined would be gone. It taught me a lot about how fragile life is-about how painful it is to miss someone when they are gone-what it's like to witness this pain in other people all while trying to process it within.

I look forward to sharing pictures and memories of my grandmother when things are a bit easier.

We are finally progressing on the wedding. We are looking at a few spots. We are gathering the ideas and formulating a budget (finally!) and plans for theme and overall "feel". Of course "we" actually means "me" but whatever. Charlie is so not into it. I mean, he is all about getting married... but I honestly thing a backyard bar-b-que would suffice. Which-doesn't sound all that bad. Except, with some 350 people on the guest list (he has a huge family-I am a child of 3 parents all with huge families)...we are going to need someone else's backyard. LOL

Grad school is kicking my b-o-o-t-i-e. Wow. Read much?

Went to WW after a one month sabatical (i.e. "eat whatever you please mindset"). It's nice to know that gaining weight will never be a problem. Now if I could just conquer that whole losing weight thing.

Birthday party and baby shower this weekend. Plus...some study time. And...maybe some scrappy time.



janet said...

I hope the wedding plans go well! My husband would have been fine with a bbq in the backyard too! It's just a guy thing!
Have fun planning! So sorry about your grandma.

Marfa said...

I don't think what hand you wear the "rock" on...because people from different cultures have different customs, and most people see that thing and understand!