Wednesday, June 21, 2006


am updating :)
lost weight (look)--->
cooked spaghetti for lunch
have a headache
don't understand why people intentionally hurt those who love them
can't wait for the weekend
need to start on an anniversary mini album
have homework (again)
need to register for fall (still)
miss my best friend
wish being a grown up didn't suck sometimes
need a vacation
love my sister (even though she doesn't think i do)
can't wait for elsie's book to come out
want to be on the cmk design team
am sad about the mavs losing
want to go back to cape cod
love diet coke with splenda (ice cold...minus the ice)
am out :)


Mary Jo said...

Elsie is actually coming to teach a class for my fave LSS in July! She's pretty fabulous isn't she :)

Happay said...

hhhmmm, CMK and Elsie - we have things in common :)

But, I don't want to drink the diet coke, I just want to play with it!

Donna Walk said...

hi tricia, i added you!! :) congrats on your weight loss!! woohoo!! :D i want elsie's new book too!!

EK said...

YAY on the weight loss! Congrats!! I can't remember, are you doing WW? Either way, way to go! And I have to agree...being a grown up sure does suck sometimes!