Thursday, June 15, 2006

busy busy

* ethics paper due tomorrow (or possibly monday)
* informative speech (on j.k. rowling!) due 6-26
* lab due 6-24
* quizzes in both classes this weekend
* mavs play tonight baby!
* daddy's birthday today!!!
* C is coming over tonight
* got the designing with all about me book on order (score!)
* going to talk to a lss owner about possibly teaching (wish me luck!)

So, I have found my dream home. :)
It is in Midlothian...about 20 mins from where I currently live.
The house is kind of out in the country....way more so than where I live now.
And, it is GORGEOUS.Of course, it's a wee bit (plus some) out of our budget.
But a girl can dream right?

Sharing the love...

The front of the house

The living area, and backyard.

The kitchen.

One of two game rooms.

The entry (swoon).

And, the formal dining. The doors are the ones you see in the front of the house.

must win lotto*must win lotto*
must actually play the lotto to win
keep on dreamin girlie :)


carrie*postma said...


Chelsea said...

awesome house!!! I am a true believer in dreaming...if you never dream you'll never have anything to strive for! Keep dreaming and one day it'll be yours {or something similiar anyways!!}
Good luck on your speech, too!!

Kelli said...

I love that gorgeous. that's the same granite i have in my kitchen..LOVE IT :)

I thought I'd check out your blog, I'm Kelli, just joined the CMK mb :) Happy bloggin'!

em said...

That house is amazing!! I love the staircase! You never see homes with stairs like than anymore!

ashlee said...

great house!!! i hope you do win the lotto! some one has to right!!!

Chris-el-da said...

holy crap!
this is gorgeous...

CMK said...

wow..this house is gorgeous...