Wednesday, May 03, 2006

self portrait

wore my contacts...and makeup for the first time in FOREVER
yesterday. and my hair down. so...i took a picture to document it.

things i would change:
the space between my teeth.
i wore braces forever...and then didn't wear my retainer...and like madonna (well..not quite that bad..but still)
my double chin.
my curly hair...for a while. it would be nice to have straight hair naturally...well...until i wanted my curly hair back.
my chubby cheeks.
these...along with my chin...would greatly diminish if i put down the carmel fraps.
whiter teeth.
bigger lips would be nice too.

things i wouldn't change:
my eyes. i get lots of compliments on my eyes. they are brown,blue and green..all at one time. they are my best feature....outside of my overly charming personality.
my smile. i think its cute. i almost always wear it!
my hair color. natural highlights year round. is it red? brown? or blonde?
my eyebrows. i actually really like them. sure..they are kind of "big" but i believe they are the sole reason people say..."hey, you kind of look like denise richards" which, isn't the worst thing you could say to me.
the fact that when i look at this picture i see my mom...and my dad.
they are so staring right back at me.
i love that part the best...
maybe i don't want to change anything after all.