Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm here

i'm tired
it's late
i've got homework
i'm not doing it
i'm struggling with a huge financial burden
i'm stressed
i'm starting to see a big improvement in my room
i haven't scrapped in ages
i'm going to next weekend
i talked to dad today
i get to watch d-man on friday
i'm re-diggin hootie (and the blowfish)
i get to see them in less than a month
i'm eating ice
i'm watching season 1 of friends
i'm debating going to bed
i haven't worked out in FOREVER
i can finally walk normally
i can't wait till vacation
i lost 3 lbs last week
i'm craving cookies
i'm bored with this post
i found a new church (i think)
i'm getting baptized (for the first time!)
i'm blessed
i'll finish on that note