Monday, May 02, 2005

Sad News

Well, today Charlie and I decided to meet up at the park and take a walk. Driving down Sublett, I noticed a fire truck in my rearview mirror. Cautiously I pulled into the right lane and slowed down as it passed me. Immediately I got a bad feeling.

Though it isn't easy to admit, I often forget that someone is possibly facing danger when an emergency vehicle passes by. However, tonight...I got a weird feeling. I said a little prayer, and kept on driving. Then I noticed the smoke. Large Black/Brown billows . I am not sure if I have ever seen so much smoke in person. The wind carried it over to the park. Charlie and I decided it wasn't the best environment to walk...and decided to go elsewhere. On the way out of the parking lot I saw a group of people praying.

I was saddened to see that a church was the cause of the smoke. A church that some dear friends of mine attend. Here's the Story

Please keep them in your prayers.


Ashley said...

Oh that's terrible :( Thank God no one was hurt.

Amber said...

how horrible!! i will pray for all members of this church. :(