Thursday, May 05, 2005

I've got a secret...

Remember that paper I had to write?  Remember the struggle?  Well...I finished it about 3 days before it was due...15 pages (min. 7 book source) on the similarities and differences between the Utah based Church of LDS and the Reorganized Church of known as Community of Christ.  I will admit that though I struggled greatly with the topic, research and my writing style (which is something I do with EVERY paper) I found the process incredibly intriguing.  The class is World Religions, and no matter your particular religious beliefs, I would greatly recommend a class like this.  It helps give a better understanding of the World. my soapbox..and back to the point of the post.

I just knew I blew this paper.  I really, really struggled with making it "flow".  Does anyone else have this problem. anyway, I have been waiting (nervously, mind you) on the professor to post grades...and tonight he did!!!!!!

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I just thought I would host my own mini celebration!  I really was quite surprised to see this. 

Ok...back to studying for the exam for this class :)



Ashley said...

Super awesome job girlfriend!! Congrats :)
I've been considering taking a religions class...I thought it would be beneficial in caring for patients from different backgrounds. I don't know if I could tolerate it though.

Amber said...

sweet buddy! I love when that shit happens!!! LOL Congrats!!

Emily Kate said...