Monday, May 23, 2005

*bAcK hOMe*

Did ya miss me? :)

I love vacations...I love traveling (seen lots of the US, been to Canada three times and Mexico once) I love seeing new places, meeting new people...and all the other wonderful experiences. But....if you must know...the best part of coming home.

I get this huge sense of relief when I get back across the Texas border (whether by car or plane). This is my home, these are my peeps (yep, even the guy who totally stole my parking spot today). This is my house, my bed, my kitty. :)

Saw a *lot* of things. Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Hyannis Harbor (Kennedy Compound by way of a Harbor Cruise), White Mountains in New Hampshire (and snow still on some of them) Ottawa (Ontario), and the Parliment and Tulip festival, Niagara Falls (Canada and New York). Lots lots more...but those are just some of the highlights. I'm home...with the messiest room in the world...which *must* be taken care of TODAY!!!

I am also rejoining WW tomorrow (as I ate HORRIBLE on vacay ... fast food almost everyday!!!)

I also have to get ready for summer school...which starts next Tuesday.

I think I might start with a nap :)


LindsayT said...

OH! Too bad I missed you :(
Glad you had a good time...I ate so badly on vaca too.

Ashley said...

Glad to hear you had a good time, but it IS always nice to come home. All that eating out on vacations is what gets to me :P By the time I get home, I just want a home cookied meal! ;)